Bruce Jacques.

Music from the Chapman Stick 




The Chapman Stick.

With beautiful rich sounds across all genre's the Chapman Stick is a unique instrument and suitable accompaniment to your venue, gallery launch , restaurant and more. 

Enjoy original instrumental music and familiar cover tunes. Music delivered in a way you've not heard before, adding a point of difference to your space and fresh creative experience for customers and clients.

My musical background comes from guitar , though the Chapman Stick opens up whole new possibilities. With similarities around guitar, bass and percussive effects, it is approached in its own way, drawing upon familiar and also more unique concepts. I spent some years as Cloudburstz Recording Studio in Melbourne's inner suburb of Fitzroy and also as program leader for RMIT Universities Music Industry Technical Production Diploma.

It was there that I met my first "Stick" and it has become an engaging passion to explore an instrument still finding its full potential worldwide. 

Please visit the Gallery page for the sights & sounds of this wonderful instrument. 


The 12 String Grand Stick